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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 7, 2015 7:00am-8:31am PST

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atone age girl escapes from a would be kidnapper. >> and a warning to people who use the library in berkeley. how they could have been
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exposed to the measles. >> and good morning. welcome to mornings on two. you are taking a live look at union square in san francisco. you can see the barricades are up the bleachers are up. this is the site of tonight's chinese new year's parade. starting this afternoon and people start early. hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets to watch fireworks, floats and preformers. >> good morning. >> looks like fun out there. this all started, this hard work started three months ago. the floats are decorated with about 800 pounds of glitter. it's a challenge they say because there are only two manufacturers in the world. who knew about that. the glitter industry. they add another 20 during peak production. the floats take three months and thousands of man and woman
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hours to complete. >> thank you for including both. >> it's saturday march 7th. >> thank you for joining us a big day here. >> it is a big day. we are excited. we have been talking about it all morning. we were down there last year and every year. riding in a cable car. rosemary planning to get into the city. i guess the good news. i think we should have the parade because it's rained on us during the parade. >> last year. it was drizzlely. >> it always seems close. it rains early on and we watch the radar to make sure it'll clear out or advise versa. the rain is starting to moven. >> this year no worries. our worry is that we don't have enough rain but it's not going to rain on the parade for today. we have mostly sunny skies. another beautiful one giving you a look to the east. this will be the last early
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sunrise as we switch our clocks in overnight and tomorrow morning sunrise will be closer to 7:30. giving you a look here. patchy fog outside of that most of us enjoying plenty of sun. in and around nevado may have a little bit of again patchy fog along highway 101. that darker shaded gray indicating it could be very thick. so be careful if you have an early morning drive. outside of that a beautiful morning a chilly morning for some. 36 santa rosa. 35napa. 42 walnut creek. around the bay temperatures in 52 degrees a cool morning in redwood city. 43 outside. afternoon highs a lot like yesterday. temperatures will range in the low to mid-70s in and around the bay area. upper 60s to low 70s at the coast. 70 san francisco. 74 in oakland. 74 concord and 75 for morgan hill. if you are going to the parade a look at the forecast for you and the rest of the weekend in
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just a bit. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning haywood police have released a sketch of a man who tried it kidnap a teenage girl. it put the east bay neighborhood on be edge. the 15-year-old sophomore said she was walking home from classes yesterday when a man in his 20s standing next to a car reached out and grabbed her. he then tried to drag her in to the backseat of the car but she broke free and ran to a neighbor's house to get help. >> i heard her screaming. i think she said no and she just screamed at the top of her lungs. then i heard --. >> that was loud. >> very loud. >> now here is a sketch of that suspect. he is described as white or latino, 5-foot 6 or 5'7'', 150 pounds with wavy brown hair and
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a medium to dark complexion. police worry he may be a repeat offender. >> police are look for a escaped inmate. he escaped yesterday after overpowering a deputy during a medical appointment. he had been in jail for a year after being accused of molesting children. his escape prompted police and sheriff deputies to lockdown the san jose neighborhood. just hours later police were called back to the area around thornton when a burglary was reported. police believe it's connected. the hospital is only a few blocks the apartment that was robbed. investigators say it appears that he got away from the complex before police arrived and this morning they are still looking for him. police say that he is not armed but should about considered -- be considered dangerous. >> when we start doing the investigation, contacting his family and friends. >> carter is 5'11'' 1, weighs
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220 poundses. he was wearing a greene jail issued clothing when he escaped but he is probably wearing different clothing now. police will continue to search the area today and residents should expect to see a heavy police presence. police are also planning to use dogs to help search. >> a person with a possible case of measles may have exposed people at two libraries. health officials say that person visited the west branch library february 27th and 28th and the central branch library on february 27th. the person's diagnosis has not yet been confirmed but people who visited on those days should monitor themselves for symptoms until march 21st. >> it's one of our favorite nights here. tens of thousand of people, hundreds of thousands expected to line the streets of downtown san francisco tonight to celebrate a bay area tradition. it's the chinese new year parade. that parade starts at second and markett. will wind through union square and end in the area of columbus
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avenue in north beach. don't go to that area if you don't want to see the parade. we are live along the parade route with a look at what's in store for people and it looks busy. >> reporter: yeah they are doing the last minute preparations. we are at stock stockton and pow el. powell. taking a look around you can see there are workers out the here doing last minute touches. they just finished putting up the decorative banners on the back of the risers. they are taking one last look making shrieving is perfect for the parade. you can expect them to be packed with people and the sidewalks here and along the parade route will be packed. in years past i have seen five to seven people deep lined up to watch the parade. look over here this is the ktvu booth. this is where we will be broadcasting this parade live starting at 5:00 tonight. what can people who come and
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watch expect? well music, thousands of people and about two dozen floats, a lot of sparkle paper and glitter as you said. about 800 pounds of glitter. there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into the floats. this is the year of the ram and according to the did, odiac it's supposed to be one of peace and prosperity. ktvu -- building the two dozen noting. all the work that goes into the three month long process. >> most satisfying is when we actually take them out of the barn and see them on the street. there we can see did the scale work, did these things we think were going to happen, did it actually happen. it's like the first time you get a painting and you put it in a frame. our frame is a street.
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>> now some things to keep in mind if you are coming to the parade it starts at 5:15. from the area of second and market. that intersection will be closed to traffic starting around five. fremont and second between market and mission is the staging area for the float. that area will be closed starting at four and we just heard a trolley going by. if you plan to come to the city for this parade taking public transit is always a good idea. muni, caltrain, bart. they will all run tonight of course. you can expect there will be traffic coming in and out of the city around that parade time. also a lot of the parking garages in the union square area could get filled up. taking public transit is always well adviced. >> very good advice. if you can't go down you should remember the parade airs tonight. you can watch all the action from your couch. the parade is going to rebroadcast at nine on our
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sister station. it is also going to air tomorrow following the mornings on 2. >> and a popular event connected to the parade is the crowning of miss china town usa. while the pageant was held last saturday the official ball took place last night at the union square hilton. 19-year-old rose lee of houston texas was the winner. she said it's a great honor to be picked at miss china town. she is a freshman majoring in business marketing at new york university. she said she takes great pride in embracing her heritage. new this morning tomorrow is international women's day. the president discussed an issue that's very close to his heart. >> it's called let girls learn. it's goal is to help more girls around the world go to school and stay in school. >> the president said that his initiative is aimed to up lift girls and young women worldwide. he said any country that is a partner of the united states or
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wants to be must put in place programs increasing the number of girls getting a quality education. >> the national day of unplugging continues with thousands of people ditching electronic devices. it requires people to turn off their cell phones and their computers. can you imagine? so they can reconnect with friends and family. trophy this event started yesterday at sun down but today there are a number of events to help you unplug. here in oakland you can head over to the oakland museum's white elephant sale. find all of those things you never knew you needed. it'll take place from ten to four at its warehouse on lancaster street and admission is the perfect price. it's free. now once you are done there head over to san francisco for the craft beer festival. the grand tasting is going to be taking place from 4:30 this afternoon to 8:30 tonight at
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the fort mason center festival pavilion. nearly 75 breweries will be there. er if you prefer wine you could go to the barrel tasting event in sonoma. more than a hundred will participate in that. that event is going it be from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it'll give people the chance to sample wines from the barrel and talk to wine makers. >> it all looks good to me. more of a beer game >> i'm more of guy. >> here is the first of many reminders . tomorrow is daylight saving time. here you go. that means set your clock ahead one hour before you go to sleep tonight. the clocks officially spring forward at 2:00 a.m. sunday. daylight saving time ends november first. >> don't like to loose that hour but here it comes. u. i know. you loose that hour of sleep. it impacts a lot of people. i know especially us. we get up early in the morning. >> 7:12 is the time.
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how friends and family and community welcomed a soldier back. >> and a devastating fire in san francisco's mission district. how the mayor is now recognizing the individuals and the organizations that stepped up to help here. for those who appreciate quality and precision, here's grounds for celebration. experience exceptional coffee and espresso in one essential machine and delivered to you with a push of a button. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off.
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giving you a live look there at a beautiful sunrise. enjoyable dame the cool start for some. temperatures range in the upper 30s to upper 40s. i will come along with your afternoon highs in just a bit. >> a perfect day for parade. right? >> yes. there are a lot of preparations underway ahead of tonight's parade. are you taking a look at video that is a cafe pacific float. beautiful isn't it? just one of many that is going to make its way through the down town area tonight.
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we are show you this one because the float builders say this was one of their most challenging floats which also make itself one of the ones they are most proud of. what you can see is all that projection technology that will be incorporated. things are going high tech. they say they weren't sure if it would all come together but in the last moments it d. >> going to be a light show. >> yeah. >> and project out. >> some of the projection stuff. i saw it with led lights. really fantastic stuff. >> a high tech parade this year. we are celebrating the year of the sheep, the ram or the goat depending on the culture. according to legend before leaving the earth buddha summoned all the an animals to his side but only 12 came and he named a year after each of them in repeating cycles for all of ofe -- eternity. the animal ruling the year you were born can influence your personality, priority and your
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fate. >> important. although you can't remember which year you are. >> i had to remind myself. i'm the year of the monkey. >> that's a good one. >> i think -- quick witted, smart, mons other things. >> here is the --. >> here. here. >> when you -- because they are tell you what you are good at the but we won't talk about that. >> you always leave out the ones that are not ideal. you leave that out. >> absolutely. i'm the year much the tiger meaning i'm brave, confident, open. >> i think all those things are very fitting. don't you agree? >> yeah. good answer. >> that's right. >> rosemary do you know what year you are? >> i don't. we will -- you are not on your zodiac game. >> we had a calendar on our fridge for a long time. i just threw it out. gosh. i don't know. two months ago. otherwise i would know. >> going to check on that. >> it also indicates what you
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should be doing for a career too. >> right? >> ours don't say reporters. >> does it say newscaster? >> no. it said accountant. >> okay. i'm horrible with numbers. >> i could be a travel agent. >> travel agent. >> you could be a travel agent. i see that. >> yeah. >> look at that picture. look how beautiful it is. looks like it'll stay clear all night long. we should say people track the streets rain or shine. it's nice to have warmth when the sun goes down. >> absolutely. it'll be beautiful. 65 degrees right about 5:00. >> just a nice sweater probably all you need. >> you know. >> that coming from a man. i would say bring along at least a light jacket. we have great weather for the parade. i will have that forecast in just a bit. >> appreciate that. san francisco mayor ed lee is offering a special thank you to all the people who helped
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families affected by the two fires in the mission district. you probably remember the fires. in january there was a four alarm fire at mission and 22nd 22nd. that damaged a small business and a number of homes and yesterday the mayor recognized the red cross, the salvation army and some of the individuals for their recovery efforts after that fire. there was a blogger we had told you about him. he raised $180,000 on a go fund me page and he was among those who were honored. >> i don't think i will ever be able to pass by a disaster again and be past it and not do anything. i will at least try. >> and there you go. he is being honored for his efforts. here is video of that second fire. that happened last month at church and 15th. you can see the huge flames shooting from the building. it was a three alarm fire. it forced another 20 people from their homes in that particular case. >> bay area brideses to be looking for a good deal should
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head to the hilton garden inn. the brides against breast cancer nationwide tour will make a stop. hundreds of brand name gowns will be on sale. all proceeds will go to support cancer patients and their families. coming up at 8:15 the show mappinger is going -- manager will be in studio and give us a look at some of the more popular gowns. >> that will be good. you can get a good deal and --. >> yes. >> very important. >> and a great cause. >> and a very great cause. >> we will make rosemary get up again. we want to see how the weekend is shaping up. >> yeah. i went to check my zodiac sign. i'm a pig. >> very smart. you are wise. >> i will take it able to predict the future. >> i like that. >> stop making stuff up. >> >> i will guess that you have
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sunshine outside your door. he with have beautiful -- you can take a look at sun just bouncing off the father. a beautiful start to the day a very nice afternoon. giving you a look at the ridge of high pressure locked in over the west. you can see how that storm -- we will continue with this pattern through the weekend. tomorrow we will see a little bit of fog try to reform along the coastline and the models picking up on that this morning. seeing patchy fog and dense fog in oaf parts of the north bay. really about it. we have a little bit off half moon bay but it doesn't look to be causing to much trouble. now into sunday morning and you can see along the coast and just inside the bay we may wake up tomorrow with a little more fog and attempts to hug the coast for most of the day. tomorrow slightly cooler along the coastline. for today mostly sunny and temperatures back in to the upper 60s and lower 70's.
7:22 am
right now a cool one. 36 santa rosa. a lodge the peninsula, 43 redwood city is and 46 mountain view. mid40s at half moon bay. the inner east bay, 46 in oakland. we have 50 degrees in haywood. how about the afternoon highs in 74 for nevado. 70 degrees by the water a day for you -- beautiful day for you. concord included in that as well. into the south bay temperatures will be in the low to mid-70s. 75 morgan hill. low 70s in sunnyvale. the peninsula a nice one. 72 redwood. 70 in san francisco. there is going to be a nice evening in store with mostly clear skies as we get in to the evening temperatures will start to cool back. 65 about 5:00 and then as we settle into the evening slipping in to the upper 50s. not bad at all. perhaps a light jacket for the final part of the parade. as we get in to the extended
7:23 am
forecast with the bay area weekend always in view temperatures coming down slightly for the second half of the weekend. morning fog a possibility. as we get into tuesday and wednesday increasing clouds, temperatures continue to cool slightly and a slight chance of a few scattered showers. >> very slight. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. and as gotham prepares for another season it'll do so without one of its stars. what producers saying about jada pinkett smith. >> and a happy ending for a litter of puppies found in a dumpster.
7:24 am
7:25 am
vigils are being held to mark the first anniversary of the disappearance of flight 370. one memorial there included a prayer service and a vigil. on march 8th 2014 you will help the jet carrying 239 people
7:26 am
vanished. the search for the missing plane is ongoing. officials believe that the air craft went off course and crashed in the indian ocean. if may be curtains for a popular actor on g, ohtam. -- gotham. jada pinkett smith says she doesn't plan to resign after her contract expires at the end of the season. the producers said her character will take a lot of interesting twists in to the finale. >> today all nine puppies found near a dumpster will be ready for adoption. >> they are all about nine weeks old. they are all from the same litter. >> and deborah has more on their journey to a new home. >> are you thinking about a name? >> not yet. we haven't come up with a name yet. >> reporter: rick feels like he has just won the puppy lottery. >> he is such a doll .
7:27 am
>> reporter: adopting one of the mixes dropped off tuesday night. he had been wanting a dog for his 10-year-old lab and like so many saw this picture. the crate full of dogs that launched a craze here at the humane society. >> we just posted something on our facebook page and it blew up. there were hundreds. hundreds. we got calls texas, from virginia. >> someone was going to come from texas. because there are no dogs in texas? >> right. >> we feel for animals that are left outside, left to the elements. it was -- it was certainly a very sad start for them. i think that really kind of triggered something. >> reporter: the man who claimed he found them next to a
7:28 am
dumpster nearly convenience store hasn't been reachable ever since. it's possible that he was the owner. it's not unusual for people to be overwhelmed caring for a litter. >> if we were able to somehow track down the mom of those puppies we would be able to get her fixed so this doesn't repeat. >> reporter: after sleeping off their surgery these two will bounce back just like their brothers did. >> look at those faces. >> adorable. >> adorable. the humane society said it appreciates the support but it's important to remember there are a lot of shelters all over the bay area and they all have animals up for adoption. if you can't get one of them and you want a dog or cat there are plenty out there >> plenty of animals. a 7-year-old girl falls after stopping to tie her shoe laces but the fall could have been deadly. what happened and what her mother did that likely saved her life. >> and video of a violent confrontation between security guards and a student at an east
7:29 am
bay high school. what the district said the video doesn't show. the actions they are taking and why the da is now involved. >> and warm weather will continue for the bay area weekend. outside the doors this morning it's a bit of a cool start. we will check in on the current temperatures later.
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good morning. we are live this morning along the parade route in san francisco where tonight's chinese new year parade will happen later on this afternoon winding through the city. the big show gets started 6:00 tonight. it goes around union square. union square will be shut down and that will start at 5:00. bare that in mind if you are going to be in the city. hundreds of thousands of people will be on hand to celebrate and it's a blast. >> it's such a great parade. one of the only nighttime pandemonium raileds around. this video is just fantastic with the lights and the colors. during the 2014lunar new year celebration -- last year's event they spent about 100 billion on shopping eating out which is twice as much as americans spent over the weekend. it is a very big holiday. beside the food and fireworks and crowds you can find a lot of us down there we will take
7:33 am
you through the broadcast. that will be here through ktvu. we are going to be tweetong. >> you will be part of the broadcast. >> i left myself out. >> i need to give you credit. >> i will be there in the middle which is nice. you know sometimes we don't get to see it. this year i will get to see it it's difficult to watch a parade when you are part of the parade. i have learned. go to going -- going to the parade. >> are you in the parade and you go it's great to see all those people. wave to the viewers but you do miss most of the parade. >> i'm excited for it and you will give me good weather. >> great weather. we will miss you on the trolley. >> ly see you. >> fun on the -- she is fun. >> i am fun. >> you are the spark. you are the spark. >> i don't know. >> keep the energy up. >> it's hard work.
7:34 am
have you to wave the whole parade and play to the crowd. it's a really blast and you get to see a lot of the great folks out there. >> absolutely. >> and how are things looking in the morning is beautiful. >> it is. absolutely beautiful. noticing that -- cloud deck there and i think that smoke is coming from below. i'm not exactly sure but most of us are waking up with mostly clear skies. little bit of patchy fog to start the morning over parts of the north bay. that's dissipating. ridge of high pressure locked in place. storm track well to the north. we have the clear skies. temperatures warm once again for saturday. ridge of high pressure and the sinking area air associated with it going to bring the temperatures up a few degrees overo what we had yesterday. in general widespread 60s and low 70s. no rain in the forecast at least for about tuesday. the next possibility will come on wednesday and the models are backing off on this one as well. we will track it for you. in the meantime we have some
7:35 am
fabulous weather for your weekend. 35 degrees right now napa, 36 santa rosa. so you are starting out just a few degrees above freezing and it's cold as you are stepping out. you come along the peninsula and not so bad. 53 san francisco, 50 at sfo. cool start in redwood. san jose you are looking at 46 and walnut creek 43. temperatures will start to turn around into the next hour or so and we are going back in to the low 70s. i will have the look at the afternoon highs and what you can expect for the parade coming up. >> thank you. look forward to it. haywood police are asking for the public's help to solve a deadly hit and run. salvador garcia was found bleeding in a parking lot on wednesday night. he died a few hours later from his injuries. investigators have concluded he was struck by a car while he was heading home. his roommate said he was like a brother to him and we also spoke with his employer who said this is a big loss for his
7:36 am
company. >> he was here for three to four months through the temp agency. he never missed a day. like i said eve day he would come in and say hi to everybody. everybody loves him here. we all want to help out. >> police believe that the car that hit him likely sustained front end damage to the hood, the bumper and probably broke some of the glass. investigators are now checking out surveillance footage to see if they can identity that car. two security guards at fremont high school have been suspended after video of a violent incident involving a student surfaced. it shows a male student put in a choke hold and dragged away. this happened in january of last year. the video wasn't reviewed until recently when the students parents filed a legal investigation. officials say the boy punched a guard and the guard hit the boy three times most of that happened off cam a. the superintendent believe this is was excessive force and this case now has been forwarded to
7:37 am
the da for potential prosecution. >> hundreds of thousands of people expected to line the streets of downtown san francisco tonight to celebrate a bay area celebration. it's time for the new year pandemonium railed. it starts second and market streett. will wind through union square before it edged -- ends in north beach. allie is live along the parade route this morning with a look at what is in store and the preparations well underway. >> reporter: i'm at stockton and post street now. union square, this is the heart of parade and the parade route. next to me are the stacks of several dozen barricades. once the parade gets going a lit the after five they will line the parade route, run the sidewalk because as we have known in the past thousands of people come to this parade to watcht. the crowd usually goes five to seven people deep along the route. what can people going to the parade expect to see? music, more than 100 entries,
7:38 am
groups and organizations taking part in this parade. there is the route. the risers where people will sit to watch and a lot of floats. about two dozen of them. ktvu had a peek at some of them last night. you can company the ram to feature. this is -- peaceful and prosperous year. it took three months of planning, preparation and more than a thousand hours of work to make the two dozen floats in the parade. >> we have probably bought the decorative paper you see on the side. we have at least two miles worth of decorative paper we bought. two miles. if we laid them end to end we could go downtown and maybe back again. >> reporter: this is the year of the ram you can expect the ram to be in a lot of the floats and the decorations for
7:39 am
this parade. rams according to the zodia, credit are supposed to be peace loving, kind and popular and just some stars that we know of who are born in the year of the ram include robert diniro, nicole kidman. that's something people can expect to see in the floats and everywhere you see along the parade route. something to keep in mind if you are coming to the parade. it starts at 5:15 and from second and market street. starting about 5:00 at that intersection traffic will be closed off. an hour before that starting at four on fremont and second street that's the staging area for all of the floats and entries in the parade. that will be closed to traffic earlier than the parade. 4:00. fremont and second between mission and market. avoid that area and if you are coming to see the parade it's a good idea to take public transportation. bart, you name it because you can expect a lot of the parking garages around union square to
7:40 am
be packed later on tonight. back to you guys. >> i know. i just know from our experience driving in and getting down we have been a part of the parade it backs up early. >> country and coming in to the city on any weekend even with a parade you can always expect the traffic at least from the east bay at the maze and the toll plaza. public transit is always a good option if you are coming in and you know the bart stations will spit you out right at powell and the powell street station is right -- a couple blocks away from the parade route and the montgomery station is really close, easy walking distance to where the parade ends up. >> the new year parade airs here on ktvu at 6:00 p.m. the parade will rebroadcast at 9:00 p.m. on our sister station as well. its going to air tomorrow morning immediately following mornings on 2. >> doctors, say a 7-year-old girl from belmont is lucky to be alive after what could have
7:41 am
been a deadly fall. about a week ago she was walking in the school yard. she didn't realize her shoe laces were untied. she tripped and fell hard on this curb. crashing down on her side. the school called her mother and she came down immediately. >> there was no visible mark on her from where she fell but she was very pale. she was in a lot of pain. i could tell there was something seriously wrong. >> her mother took her to the hospital. that's where doctors found she had a fractured kidney and was leaking fluid. they say if her mother hadn't brought her to the hospital when she did she could have died. now doctors expect she will make a full recovery. she will be back home after a week in the hospital. this morning 19-year-old private first class matt zander is home after a surprise welcome home ceremony.
7:42 am
he arrived yesterday at sfo and there are dozens of people to greet him. that included the patriot guard riders. christina has more on this emotional homecoming. >> reporter: >> reporter: rush to the terminal gate. >> countdown has been on for a week. >> reporter: with his wife and family. >> emotional. >> reporter: moments later zander appeared among the passengers and walked through the crowd. [applause]. he was applauded by strangers at the airport, greeted by high school friends. >> great. i haven't seen her in almost ten moss. >> he looks different. he looks different. left an 18-year-old kid and came back a 19-year-old man. >> reporter: and there was more once he got to city hall. >> i -- not all of this. >> reporter: a presentation of coins and a plaque. >> we knew this was a young
7:43 am
man that deserved to be celebrated returning home. >> reporter: he was part of the police department's explorer's program in high school. >> going on roida -- ride alongs. >> reporter: he plans to join the force after the army. >> i want to work here. >> as soon as he is age ready and done with his commitment to the united states army we will put him in the melissa cad my. my -- police academy. >> reporter: for now he plans to relax. he has 16 days before he goes back to base in texas. >> living life. >> reporter: his family just wanted to welcome him home. in south san francisco. ktvu fox 2news. >> two controversial unjinxes have been dismissed. what it means for gang members and the reason behind the decision. >> and its been 50 years since that violent confrontation between police and protesters on a bridge. how people plan to show support
7:44 am
with demonstrators today. >> weather in the forecast for your saturday afternoon. temperatures this morning off to a chilly start. giving you a beautiful view there across the bay. just patches of fog this morning. mostly sunny skies for the afternoon a look at the numbers coming up.
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for those who appreciate quality and precision, here's grounds for celebration. experience exceptional coffee and espresso in one essential machine
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and delivered to you with a push of a button. the nespresso vertuoline. swiss-designed precision brought to your kitchen. celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪ ♪ today is the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous event events of the civil rights movement. the president and first lady will observe it today in selma alabama. here say live look at the bridge. in 1965 known as bloody sunday at the foot of that bridge police beat and tear gassed
7:47 am
demonstrators demanding voting rights. undaunted they marched two more times from selma to montgomery. the events the basis for the film selma. while thousands attend it each year today's event will be one of the largest ever. it'll include the president, the former president and about a hundred members of congress. the president said he is paying tribute to the men and women who changed the course of american history. demonstrators here will hold their own march today on the golden gate bridge. here is a live shot of the span. the beautiful span this morning at noon today a group of people will walk across the golden gate with the marchers in selma. >> first gradine colorado was suspended from cool after pointing his finger at a classmate in the shape of a gun saying you're dead. the father of the 6-year-old said his son didn't mean harm but the school has a zero
7:48 am
tolerance policy he was suspended for making threats. his father believes the suspension was extreme. >> course i think it he was playing. what 6-year-old doesn't play cops and robbers or cowboys and indians. >> a school spokesman said administrators believe they took the appropriate action. >> authorities in the north bay are trying to identity a man who was hit while running across highway 101 to escape arrest. sheriff's deputies were back at the man's apartment last night serving a search warrant. officials say they removed bags and bins as well full of evidence. including about 15 poundses of processed pair mare. deputies first were called automatic about noon yesterday when there were reports of a night. the man then slipped away and made it through a search perimeter. >> the suspect at one point was able to break the perimeter and in doing so ran out onto
7:49 am
the freeway and unfortunately for him made it as far as my understanding is the second lane of traffic and was hit by a car. >> that man attempted to cross ten lanes of traffic. that's when he was struck by a car before he made it over to the center divider and he suffered serious injures. >> at freeway speeds the pedialyte is 5 -- speed limit is 55 miles an hour. to hit someone and have that person live as far as we know -- it's -- he is pretty lucky. >> authorities are saying its been difficult to identity that man because he is using multiple fake names. >> your time now is 7:59. important to remember you loose an hour tonight into tomorrow morning. >> yes. we spring forward. >> the smoke alarm batteries. rosemary says we are heading in to at least the extra long
7:50 am
days. >> yeah. >> i'm already noticing. >> you are right. you will definitely notice tomorrow as we get into that change. for today we continue with ava similar pattern with mostly sunny skies to start the day. just a few patches of fog. that's a beautiful view and wow. for the afternoon another nice one. temperatures five to ten degrees above the seasonal. we will have this pattern for today, slight chances for tomorrow. patchy fog will continue to move closer to the north. if you are picking a day to go to the coast today may be the better day a little bit of fog back for sunday. it is a chilly start out there once again. mild to warm afternoons. we are dry through the weekend. we are dry through at least tuesday and then that chance for rain doesn't look to be a lot. ly show you what i mean. saturday morning, ridge of high pressure in place. notice the entire state dry with mostly clear skies.
7:51 am
as we get into sunday a little bit of fog along the coastline. we are now into monday and tuesday. more cloud cover. the on shore breeze picks up just a little bit. the temperatures will come down slightly. we have a little bit of rain over the pacific. as it moves closer to the coast it kind of just does what its been doing. it fizzles out. moves to the north, little bit here. wednesday morning over parts of the north bay and as we get into wednesday night it's out of here and we are drying out again. this could change but doesn't look to promising unfortunately. 36 degrees right now in santa rosa. we have a cold start for you. san francisco 50 outside your door. 42 livermore and 50 in haywood. san jose at 56. for the afternoon 74napa, 73kempfield. in to the east bayh long the shoreline 71 for alameda. 71 haywood and go inland it's going to be a nice one for you
7:52 am
as well. 74 livermore. we have low 70s antioch. the south bay 75 morgan hill. 74 san jose. low 70s for sunnyvale. 72 redwood and as we work our way up the peninsula 70 degrees for san francisco. going to see the new year parada this afternoon will still be 65 degrees about 5:00 and it's looking into the upper 50s for the evening. the extend forecast with your bay area weekend. slightly cooler tomorrow. the fog will make its way back just a bit and then temperatures will be in the upper 60s to lower 70's tuesday and wednesday. slight possibility of scattered showers coming your way. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. >> scattered showers as much as we can make them. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> forget your wallet. just bring your phone. the new way fans can enjoy a game at oracle. >> and two sfo screeners in jail. what authorities say they did
7:53 am
when a man brought meth to the airport security checkpoint. >> and we are getting a look at some of float that will make there are way through downtown san francisco for the parade. this is the southwest airlines float. full of color and happy symbols. it's a happy float. they say they put in a few hidden statues to see if the crowd picks them out. there is your challenge.
7:54 am
[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
7:55 am
go security screeners have been arrested on drug smuggling charges. they were allowing a 28-year- old man from san francisco to sneak methamphetamine onto planes in exchange for money. he allegedly made drug runs to hawaii. according to authorities the man made sure those screeners would be in place when his bags went through xray machines. an investigation was launched after authorities say they got tips. the screeners have been
7:56 am
identified as a 30-year-old and 27-year-old. authorities have identified the alleged smuggleer also. >> if you have an i-phone and a lot of us do the next time you go to a warriors game you can leave your wallet at home. the team is now offering apple pay at oraclea rene a. you can load up on snacks and drinks. you can go buy yourself one of those seth currie jerseys and all it'll take is a swipe of the phone. apple pay works by linking to your credit card and all it requires is a click on the touch id and all those items are paid for. so easy. film director and die hard fan spike lee was court side at last night's warriors game. you can bet he was impressed by the performance he saw on the court. a dazzling pass to harrison barnes. he nails the three. the warriors on the downside
7:57 am
turn the ball over 22 times. to many times. still they cruise past the mavericks last night in oakland winning 1o 4-89. >> barry zito's next spring training appearance will likely come out of the bullpen. his start was praised on thursday. he is scheduled to pitch again on tuesday. that is the same day gray will start so zito will pitch in release. hunter pence is out for six to eight week was a broken arm. they had no trouble yesterday. they pounded the rangers 12-3. today's giant's spring training will be the last rematch of last year's game. >> all right. we wish hunter pence the best in that recovery a devastating injury. he hopefully will be back. >> he is always in good
7:58 am
spirits. great attitude. e. >> he has the best attitude. the search continues this morning for an escaped inmate in the south bay. how he got away and the burglary he is connected too and why police also are saying that he should be considered dangerous. >> and we have new details on an attempted kidnapping how a teenage girl escaped and the new sketch that police hope will help catch the man responsible. >> afternoon highs will -- well above average, giving you a live look outside the doors where we have plenty of sun and temperatures are already rebounding a look at your current conditions and the afternoon highs coming up.
7:59 am
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celebrate one year of vertuoline with $100 dollars off. it's the best price we've ever engineered. ♪ ♪ it's one of the largest parades and celebrations in san francisco. hundreds of thousands of people will come to watch the new year parade. we are talking to greg stir about all those preparations. >> and good morning to you. there is a look overhead at where allie is standing. that's union square of course. that is where the parade will make its way through the tv zone where all the spots that you watch when you are sitting at home on tv. two dozen floats, dancers, preformers all making their way through downtown san francisco. >> what an amazing production and here is some video we will
8:01 am
show you of the lion dancers i believe. here you go. one of the more popular pop popular eights you will see. -- sights you will see. they like keeping their culture alive and sharing. then also the floats. the amazing floats, covered in glitter that are being made for tonight's parade. they are lull ready to go. at least we hope so. everything preparations well underway. >> i'm so glad you could find a camera shot on this one. talk about putting ten poundses of potatoes in a five pound bag. this float has it. >> i don't know what that means. >> i got to do the math on that. >> this is a float sponsored by at&t. it's covered led strip that are computer controlled. builders say it's the future of nighttime parades and it's apparently very popular elsewhere. it's very difficult to do but it'll be beautiful on this
8:02 am
nighttime parade tonight. thank you for joining us. it's saturday march 7th. >> and good morning. in this morning for mike neebak ask and the parade is tonight. we will be there. you will be working as part of the broadcast. >> we always send out pictures. this year we will tweet out under the hash cny2015. we all pile -- on the cable cars and we --. >> there we are. brian and sal of course and pam. whoever that guy is on the left. >> how are you making your way into ever picture we took? >> they didn't want me in that particular photograph. i just photograph bombed that one. >> you see mike's shirt there. these are from last year. we were laughing because your shirt, look at that. you guys look like twins. >> we were. >> i don't flow if you coordinated.
8:03 am
>> we texted each other. >> we wanted to be twins. thank you very much. worked out well for us. >> you are going to be on the trolley. i will do broadcast. ben, will guide everybody from through the broadcast. always a great night. >> and in addition to it being just a wonderful event and getting to see the viewers and being out there, it's such a treat to see all of you outside of work. how often does that happen? we just -- we work opposite shifts and we are busy. >> and --. >> and the viewers too many >> good weather. with would be thank many for the rain. it won't happen today and it's just a perfect weather for a parade a live look there. that's where the tv camera set up and that's where we will be
8:04 am
tonight. hopefully see you there. let's look at what's going on. i think the headline at this hour -- the beautiful start -- is the temperatures are already beginning to warm. 42 santa rosa. 40menlo park. 49 foster city. we have 45 in saratoga. let's get to 60-degree. our upper elevation warmer because that cold air sinking along the valley floor and that's where we have the chilliest temperatures. 43 san ramon 49 trees in antioch. upper 40s in areas like lafayette and or ind a. temperatures for the afternoon a lot like yesterday. mid-70s for santa rosa. 74 oakland a beautiful day at the coast. we have 73 in areas like
8:05 am
mountain view. 74 san jose. haywood 71. 73 expected for antioch. slight possibility of a few scattered showers. i will look at that for you coming up. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it'll be a beautiful night in san francisco. union square in the city it'll come alive tonight even more than normal. >> yeah. that's because the chinese new year's parade. it's one of the most popular local traditions. that's where allies. the grandstands wills be packed. >> reporter: right. this will come to life in about eight hours from now. around that time the risers is where a select few will be able to sit and watch the floats. this is the midway point. they have roots going back to
8:06 am
1860. there is a lot of preparation and planning. this is a huge production and here to talk to us about some of that preparation is the police chief. thank you for talking to us. san francisco host -- how is this one different? >> this is the biggest, longest parade. it's -- these stands will be full. there is not a ticket to be had. standing room will be eight to ten deep from coast to coast. it's a long parade. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people come to the city to watch this. is it safe to say all hands on deck? >> yeah. no officers are allowed to take the dayoff if they don't already have it. most of the officers that have the day off are working overtime oro participating in the parade. they are policing the parade and a lot of them are taking
8:07 am
part in it. >> the whole command south marchs and then the big treat is this is our 28th year of the lion dance team. under the direction of retired officer phil wong. police officers and sheriffs. 150-foot blue and gold dragon surrounded by children. the recruit academy classes run around. it's a great time and it's all good luck. >> reporter: and it's just a reminder to everybody it's a family event. people attending need to keep it safe and family focused. >> yeah. it's a family event. it's really important for everybody else to help by -- if you see something say something. we want everybody safe. come out. have a blast. >> reporter: thank you very much. the police chief. now the parade starts at 5:15. it starts from second and market street and you can expect road closures around 5:00. an hour before that starting at four fremont and second street
8:08 am
between mission and market will be closed off. that's the staging area for the two dozen floats and a hundred different groups taking part in that parade. keep that in mind. if you want to come see the parade public transit is always your best option. >> thank you. >> it's important to note the parade also airs tonight at 6:00 p.m. the parade will rebroadcast at 9:00 p.m. on our sister station. it's also going to air tomorrow morning immediately following mornings on two. >> haywood police have released the sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a teenage girl. it's put a neighborhood on edge. the 15-year-old was walking home when a man standing next to a car grabbed her. he tried to drag her in to the backseat of the car but she was able to break free and ran to a neighbor's house. >> i heard her screaming.
8:09 am
i think she said no and she just screamed at the top of her hungs. >> reporter: this was loud. >> very loud. >> here is a sketch of that suspect. police are looking for him. white or latino, 5'7'', 150 pounds approximately with wavy brown hair and a medium to dark complexion. he pay be wearing glasses. police are worried that the attacker may be a repeat offend e. >> police are looking for an escaped inmate. police say that he escaped custody after overpowering a sheriff's deputy. he had been in jail for about a year he is facing five counts of child molestation. now let's show you where this escape happened. it prompted police and sheriff deputies to lockdown the san jose neighborhood. hours later police were called back to that area around thornton and moorpark when a
8:10 am
burglary was reported. police believe it's connected. the hospital is only a few block away from the apartment complex. this morning they are still looking for him. police say he is not armed but should be considered dangerous. >> start doing the investigation. contacting his family, his friends, and seeing if we can locate him through that. >> carter is 5'11'' 1. . he was wearing a green jailed issuing clothing when he escaped but is probably wearing something different now. police will search the area today. residents should not be surprised to see a heavy police presence. police are also using dogs to help. >> the oakland city attorney has dismissed two gang injunctions. they restricted the movements of 55 gang members in north oakland and the fruitvale area. the injunctions were put in place? 2010 and 2012 but police are focusing on other gang
8:11 am
intervention strategies which is why they are being discontinued. a person with a possible case of measles may have exposed people at two berkeley library babb branches . the person visited the west branch library on february 28th and -- 27th and 28th of february and then visited the central branch library on february 27 president the person's diagnosis hasn 't been confirmed but officials say anyone who visited those libraries on those particular days should be monitoring themselves for symptoms of the measles until march 21st. >> don't forget tomorrow is daylight saving time which means you need to set your clock ahead. this is the spring forward one hour. do it before you go to sleep so you don't forget. the time switches at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. daylight saving time ends november first. >> we loose that hour of sleep. >> loose that hour. >> but we get more sun. >> a good tradeoff. >> the president and first
8:12 am
lady will be in selma later today to celebrate the anniversary of the day police clashed with civil rights demonstrators. coming up for you in 15 minutes the ceremony being held and the events also being held in the bay area to mark the occasion. >> the event is called brides against breast cancer. up next detail its on -- details on the event and a look at some of the more popular styles. soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
good morning. so happy to have you with us this morning giving you a live look there at the bay bridge. folks on the move. what a beautiful start to the day. 54 degrees at this hour. >> today brides against breast cancer is holding an event in emoryville. the organization offers gently used and brand anytime wedding dresses. they range from $99 to $4,000 a portion of the proceeds go to help cancer patients and their families. we will walk this way because joining nevado is lawyer -- joining me is laury. thank you for having us. coming in and spending the morning with us. this is a nationwide tour. tell us about it. >> this is brides against breast cancer is at the hilton garden inn as part of their nationwide tour of gowns. we have brought in hundreds of designer wedding gowns, deeply discounted, all to race money.
8:16 am
>> and we have two of the models standing there looking stunning in those dresses. tell me about the kind of style that people are looking for and really the kind of strategy if you are going today to kind of sort through and get through the crowds. u. we actually have designers and styles to fit every shape, every size and every taste. we have lace, which obviously is very popular, ever since the royal wedding it's just really hit the runways. the high low gown. we have empire waist line with a corset back. gowns from v era wang, david's bridal. >> choices for everybody. can people just show up. what do you tell people who are looking now and going i want to get over there? >> the doors open at ten. we are going to be there until 6:00 p.m. i would recommend arriving early. right now we are just about sold out of the event but at least for the vip.
8:17 am
general admission which opens at noon will be there, you know going into six. >> if you want to get extra special time to get in there and make sure you that look and you just walk away with the dress once you pick it out? pay your money? >> you can try it ono. purchase it on site and take it home right there. >> we have information. vip admission if you want to go ten to six. cost is $20. >> yes. >> general admission at what time? >> at noon. >> and goes until six? >> yes. >> cost is? >> five dollars. >> at the hilton garden inn on powell street. >> 78-cents on the dollar of the money raised goes to support breast cancer research. >> thank you. it would be a great event to go
8:18 am
to. need a wedding dress? >> i do not need a wedding dress. >> neither do i. didn't even ask. >> the dress was beautiful. >> they are beautiful. it looks like you can get them at a good price. >> and what are the chance you may be getting married today? you would have great weather in store. if would be a nice day to get mare idea, also to -- married, wills to -- also to have a parade. >> i have a feeling will be a parade this afternoon. it'll be a great evening as well. what a beautiful view. temperatures will be just as warm as they were yesterday. if you enjoyed yesterday more to come. ridge of high pressure in control. we know we need the rain it's not going to happen. at least not this weekend. that storm track well to the north of be high and dry for today and for tomorrow. that sinking air associated
8:19 am
with this ridge keeping our temperatures up. anywhere from five to ten degrees above the seasonal av era ge. next chance of rain looks to be midweek. next week. it really doesn't look like a lot. we will track it for you and that could change hopefully will. we have mostly clear skies. we have just a little bit of patchy fog. we are looking at mostly sunny and mild conditions at this hour. tomorrow morning i think we will have that fog return to the coastline just inside the bay. if you are thinking about head together coast and you are not sure which day, today will probably be the better day. here we are at five in the afternoon. tomorrow and it still looks like it could be close or even hugging right up against the coastline. temperatures right now rebounding. 52 oakland. still a cool one. you started in the 30s. improvement for us as well. 51 san jose. low to mid-70s around the area. no matter where you go. 73 pleasantonn.
8:20 am
to the south bay. 74 san jose. 74saratoga. 70 degrees in san francisco. maybe a few upper 60s. half moon bay. mostly sunny. 70 degrees a beautiful one for you there. mostly clear skies in to the evening hours. 65 degrees expected at five. and then upper 50s as we get in to the evening. if you think about going out to the new year parade with the mostly clear skies it gets a little cool in the evening and over night. slightly cooler. >> thank you. >> thank you. of course as we have been talking about this morning final preparations. they are underway. right now a lot of work going on in san francisco for tonight's chinese new year parade. pandemonium minute de-- last minute details being taken care of. here is a buddha head. >> almost didn't make it. >> yeah. almost didn't make it what
8:21 am
happened? >> millers say they were transports and they hit a pot hole and the head bounced under another float and was destroyed. that's --. >> poor buddha. >> you -- they were able to repair it and it'll be part of tonight's big show. >> these sorts of emergencies they are just part of the deal. >> part of the deal. got to roll with it. >> yeah. stay with us. we will be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ since 1971, what's made us different has made us great. we invented low-fares and made sure bags fly free. and now our bold new look puts our heart front and center for everyone to see. others follow the pack. we'll follow our heart. because at southwest bold is in our blood. ♪
8:24 am
the ntsb is now trying to figure out what led to the vintage world war ii plane piloted by harrison ford to crash earlier this week the star was flying a single engine plane alone on thursday when he crash landed on a golf course in v eric nice after having engine trouble. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. ford's publicist said is he expected to make a full recovery. if may be curtains for jada pinkett smith. while she said she had a great time with the role she is not planning to resign after her one year contract expires at the end of the season. the show's producer said her character will take a lot of interesting twists ahead. >> okay. >> i have to watch it. >> i haven't watched it. i know it's --. >> i will find the time. >> up next how you can win
8:25 am
tickets to the san francisco flower and garden show. mornings on 2 will be right back.
8:26 am
here is a live picture of the bridge if selma alabama the president will be there shortly to mark the 50th anniversary of
8:27 am
an important event in the civil rights movement. melissa tacked marchers at this brick who were demanding voting rights. there will be a ceremony in alabama today. also some people in the bay area will be holding their own moran the golden gate bridge. they plan to walk across. >> it's time for this week's ticket saturday give away. ten lucky winner also get four one day tickets to the san francisco flower and garden show. march 18th through the 22nd to answer just go to the contest page under the entertainment tab on you must enter the secret word bloom. entries are accept from now until 11:59. you must be 18 years old, a legal california resident. winner also be picked by random on march 9th and you can see the rules on >> there you go.
8:28 am
the flowers are taken care of where is the venue? >> beautiful out there we have great weather to bet outside. mid60s at start of the parade. 50s in to the edge. bring a sweater or extra layer. we have beautiful weather for the weekend. >> sounds great. it'll be a blast. we will be down there. we hope to see you down there. >> the whole family will be down there. thank you for joining us. >> mornings on two is ending early for college basketball. the new year's parade tonight. you can see it here starting at six. have a great saturday. >> see you.
8:29 am
8:30 am
captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company as the calendar turns to march it can only mean one thing selection sunday is just around the corner. the pressure continues to build as teams fight for a coveted spot in the big dance. >> what an epic battle this has been. >> but the victor is clear but for those on the bubble every second counts. >> for the win. >> got it! >> the path to the tournament begins today as georgetown looks to gain momentum heading into the postseason with a win over seton hall.


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